What's your event planning personality?

Are you the kind of event planner that uses check lists or post-its? Do you like to use the same vendors or do you prefer to spice it up? Take our quiz to find out your event planning personalty!

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Event planning for small businesses

So your small business is growing. You feel like you’re creating a great customer base and solidifying your brand. Things are going well and you want to keep momentum going. You think, “Maybe it’s time to host an event?” Whether you’re a cafe looking to host an Italian pastry event or a pet store wanting to throw a summer pool party, it can be both very exciting and very daunting. But with the right plan, you can execute your vision with precision.

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Online ticket sales for the little guy

As a small business, it can be a little daunting when it comes to selling your event tickets online. There are a lot of options and lots of information to digest, such as fixed price per ticket, percentage per ticket with a minimum fixed fee, plus the inevitable credit card processing fees. It’s not easy to understand and it all adds up. A boutique art gallery or a local cooking class will often lose a large chunk of their ticket sales to the big ticket brokers.

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Price comparison

See how much you can save with Ticket Tribe