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Ticket Tribe

As a small business, it can be a little daunting when it comes to selling your event tickets online. There are a lot of options and lots of information to digest, such as fixed price per ticket, percentage per ticket with a minimum fixed fee, plus the inevitable credit card processing fees. It’s not easy to understand and it all adds up. A boutique art gallery or a local cooking class will often lose a large chunk of their ticket sales to the big ticket brokers.

We didn’t think this was fair. Why should small businesses be penalized and lose out on profits? So, we had an idea. We wanted to create something that is effective and easy to use. A simple option for event planners that wouldn’t break the bank. Whether it be a local bar offering a wine tasting, or a yoga studio bringing in a guest instructor.

Ticket Tribe

Our platform streamlines selling tickets online. We offer everything you need to sell tickets to festivals, classes and seminars - whatever you can think of. You can sell directly from your own website or you can use our mobile optimized hosted event pages. Because we believe that the little guy deserves the same standards as the big guy, at the same low price.

We also created our own ticket validation app. You don’t need a special hand-held device, just your cell phone. So you can scan tickets the same way in a 20 person pottery class as in a 2000 person hockey game. Did I mention that it’s free? “Effective and easy to use.” Our main goals.

So here we are, The Ticket Tribe. It has taken a year for us to bring our vision to life and we’re confident we can help you sell your tickets online.

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