No ticket fees

Cheaper Eventbrite alternative

Ticket Tribe

No per-ticket fees

Most ticketing websites will charge you a percentage and a fixed fee per ticket. They will also add any payment processing fees on top of that. We believe that's not fair.

Ticket Tribe does not charge any ticket fees. We have a monthly subscription model which means you can save yourself and your customers extra ticket fees. You can always put the subscription on hold if you don't have events every month. No penalties, no long-term commitment.

Ticket Tribe

Build your own brand

Build your brand. Not your ticket agent's! Just copy a small piece of code to your website and you are ready to sell tickets. No need to direct your customers away from your website. After the purchase is done, the customer remains on your site.

No upselling, account creation, ads of competing events for your ticket buyers. They never lose touch with your brand and don't get distracted by unnecessary information at checkout.

Don't have a website? No problem. You can direct your customers to our customizable hosted event page to buy tickets.

Ticket Tribe

Be in control of the funds

Get the funds directly to your bank account. Ticket Tribe is integrated with Stripe - the market leader in payment processing. No more waiting until the event has ended. Get the funds and start using them straight away.

Price comparison

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